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Why purchase heartworm preventative from vet?

Why purchase heartworm preventative from vet?

Why should you purchase your pet's heartworm preventative from a veternarian instead of an internet pharmacy?

There is a very, very simple answer!  The pharmaceutical companies that make heartworm preventatives will guarantee their products when you purchase from your veterinarian, but will not guarantee products purchased through Internet pharmacies.  We know that nothing in life is 100%, and the same is true of heartworm preventatives.  Regular and consistent use of heartworm prevention remains our best tactic in the battle against heartworm disease, but it is possible, though rare, for a pet who is on heartworm prevention to contract the disease.

If your pet tests positive for heartworms, and your veterinary records indicate consistent use of preventatives and annual heartworm testing, then the pharmaceutical company is willing to pay toward your pet's treatment expenses, offsetting the cost significantly.  We have