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Furry stocking stuffers | Pets

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Furry stocking stuffers
Furry stocking stuffers

Furry Stocking Stuffers


Planning to add a pet to your family this holiday season?  Puppies and kittens do make wonderful presents, but there are a few things you should consider before taking this step:


  1. Will this be a welcome gift?  You may think your loved one will be overjoyed with a new pet, but please be sure this is the case.  Having a pet is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly. 
  2. Is this the right choice of pet or breed?  Research characteristics of your chosen pet before you purchase or adopt.  Make sure the pet will fit your lifestyle and planned activities.  For example, a basset hound may not make an ideal jogging partner!
  3. Are you prepared?  As I mentioned, a pet is a long-term responsibility.  In addition to love, a commitment of both time and finances is required.  Are you ready for potty training?  Monthly puppy/kitten vaccinations?  Emergency vet visits?  Behavior training? Spay/Neuter surgery?
  4. Do you have a relationship with a veterinary clinic?  If not, you should research clinics in your area and have a plan for where you will take your new pet for medical care.  Ideally, you should have your pet examined within 2-3 days of receiving him/her, and then according to the schedule your veterinarian recommends.


With a little preparation, your furry stocking stuffer can be a joyful addition to your family!  Veterinarians know the difference animals can make in the lives of humans.  We want to help you care for your new pet.  You should feel free to contact your veterinarian for information on new pets and their medical care.  He/she is an excellent resource!