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Resident describes big cat in Hot Spring County | Environment

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Resident describes big cat in Hot Spring County
Resident describes big cat in Hot Spring County

HOT SPRING COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Could a big cat be on the prowl in Hot Spring County? Multiple people say they have seen it, but no one is really sure what it could be. One woman said it is way bigger than anything she has ever seen.

The first sighting was on Highway 222 off of Highway 9 south of Malvern. At least four people have seen it. One woman who saw this big cat says it was terrifying.

"I hollered at my husband," said Lisa Orr. "I said get your gun. There is a lion in the yard."

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Orr said she has never seen anything like it.

"A wad of hair on the end of the tail," said Orr. "It was a cream color. Had a big nose."

What she is describing terrified her.

"Like the muzzle," said Orr. "Big ol'ears. It looked like a lion to me."

Orr lives in Hot Spring County off of Highway 222. On a Sunday around 8 p.m., she walked out on her back porch.

"It was like looking at me right dead in the eyes," said Orr.

Her husband came outside and saw it too. But Orr says when he cocked his gun, the big cat took off running.

"I tried to take a picture," said Orr. "I was shaking so bad. It was very very terrifying."

Orr said the big cat ended up taking off and jumping over three fences, and she is not the only one who saw it.

"They said that is a big cat and that was it," said Hot Spring County Sheriff Ed Hollingsworth.

Hollingsworth said he does not think it is a lion.

"If calves start coming up missing or something like that we have a starting point," said Hollingsworth. "Nobody is in danger."

Hollingsworth said people should still be vigilant and vigilant is what Lisa Orr is being, especially every time she steps outside.

"I am still scared," said Orr. "I have grandchildren, a dog, a horse, a goat. I am worrying about them all the time."
Hollingsworth says they have seen pumas in the area before but have not had any reports in over a year. Arkansas Game and Fish is monitoring the area.