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Day 30: Woman celebrates 30th birthday with 30 random acts of kindness | Community Spirit

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Day 30: Woman celebrates 30th birthday with 30 random acts of kindness
Day 30: Woman celebrates 30th birthday with 30 random acts of kindness

BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) – Most birthdays are celebrated with a cake, candles, and a few good friends wishing you a happy one, but one Benton woman decided to do things a little differently this year for her 30th.

Nicki Simpkins, of Benton, is doing a random act of kindness each day for the 30 days leading up to her birthday. Simpkins said she decided that Jan. 27 would no longer be about her; instead, she wanted it to be about others. 

She said she was driving home from visiting her in-laws in November and was thinking about the big birthday ahead; she had originally anticipated doing a 30 before 30 list to accomplish things like running a 5K or going to a concert, but a recent family death inspired her to leave the world a little bit better for her son in the future.

In fact, she plans to continue doing these random acts of kindness even after her big day is over.

“I do plan to continue this after I hit 30, especially with my son when he gets old enough to understand how important it is to be selfless, kind and give back to your community, family and strangers,” Simpkins explained. “I just want it to inspire and hopefully make the world just a little less scary and a little more nice.”

Instead of asking for gifts, Simpkins has asked her friends to do a random act of kindness as well and let her know about it. Simpkins is inviting THViewers to do so as well. Do a random act of kindness on Jan. 27, and show us the random act of kindness you have done on our THV 11 Facebook page:  http://on.kthv.com/1cBysHH or by e-mail at news@thv11.com. You can also share your act of kindness on Instagram with the hashtag #nickisimp.

This isn’t Simpkins’ first venture into the world of kindness. She regularly does volunteer and charity work as a former member of Junior League of Little Rock and Junior Auxiliary of Saline County and has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity of Saline County, Centers for Youth and Families, Make-A-Wish, and other volunteer events. She also chairs a silent auction each year to raise money for the North Little Rock Shop with a Cop program.

“I'm also active in my church, and we always do service projects as a way to, as my preacher says, ‘love on those around us.’  I love it!  I love seeing an event or task come together, seeing how huge of an impact one little idea or action can make and giving back to a community of Central Arkansas that has been my home since I moved here in 2002 to attend UCA and has such a special place in my heart,” Simpkins added.

At the time this report was written, Simpkins was on her 19th day of kindness. You can see what all she’s done both below and in the photo gallery attached to this story.

Day 1: Ordered pizza and had it delivered to one of the sweetest families I know! They are moving and getting settled and I know "what's for dinner?" can be a dreaded question on those days!

Day 2: Donated a gift card to a restaurant for The CALL to use for families who have newly fostered children in their home. Wonderful organization here in Saline county that does so much for adoptive and foster kids!

Day 3: Ordered flowers today to be sent to Jared's sweet grandma in the morning. The best part was that when I called and talked to the florist, I didn't even have to give an address, she said she grew up in that town and knew exactly where to deliver!

Day 4: Bought lottery tickets and taped to a gas pump!

Day 5: Baked cookies and took to a local fire department to thank them for their service!

Day 6: Donated detergent and toilet paper to the Union Rescue Mission homeless shelter.

Day 7: Asked a teacher what their classroom needed for their students and went and got it!

Day 8: Hid $1 bills in the toys at the dollar store for kids to find!

Day 9: Took breakfast to a neighbor who is always so good to us and that we love!

Day 10: Donated to Arkansas Dream Center to buy sleeping bags! Thanks to Monica for the lead!

Day 11: Courteous and friendly driver all day!! I smile and wave, let people in, use my turn signal and don't tailgate. To do all of this in Little Rock rush hour is no easy task!

Day 12: Donating some dress clothes to the women and children's domestic violence shelter in my hometown, The Haven. The women there need clothes to go on job interviews and wear to work. Thank you Emily for the suggestion!

Day 13: The tried and true buying of the Starbucks of the person behind you in line! On a dreary, cold, foggy evening it seemed fitting!

Day 14: Got coloring books, markers and colored pencils for patients at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Day 15: Sent a "box of sunshine" to a friend and co-worker who has had some health issues lately and is having surgery Monday.

Day 16: A heartfelt love note to the love of my life. Kindness is amazing to strangers, but don't ever take for granted the act of being kind and loving to the people in your own home.

Day 17: Brought a little treat with me when I went to pick up Tucker from daycare today to say thank you! So very thankful for not only a wonderful caretaker for my sweet boy, but a wonderful friend!

Day 18: Brought water to my bootcamp small group!

Day 19: Bought diapers and wipes for the Pregnancy Resource Center in Benton.

Day 20: Wrote notes to people in my life who have inspired me, supported me and encouraged me!

Day 21: Left a snack of popcorn and candy on the Redbox machine!

Day 22: Babysitting twins so their parents could have a night out since they don't have family close by! Thanks to Mary for helping!

Day 23: My brother in law is in the beginnings of intense polygraph school for police officers. During the week, he has to be in class and studying non-stop and misses his family terribly. So I conspired with my sister in law to make him a frame to keep in his room of his daughter, cat and wife to make him a little less homesick!

Day 24: Bought stamps and taped to the post office machine for the next person to find!

Day 25: Donated to St. Jude in honor of a sweet little girl, Lynlee. Instead of gifts for her birthday, she asked for donations to St. Jude! Thanks Rendi for telling me this awesome story!

Day 26: Sent an email to a manager at work about what an awesome job one of their employees always does!

Day 27: Bought dog food and cat litter for the Humane Society of Saline County!

Day 28: Signed up to create and donate a bag filled with themed goodies for the March Madness event to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Saline County!

Day 29: Left money for the customer who comes after me to get a car wash!

Day 30: Donated and requested a Joy Jar for a 2 year old little girl battling cancer in hopes to lift her spirits and give her joy!

As the days go on, we’ll continue to add her random acts of kindness here. If you're on our desktop version, you can find photos of her random acts of kindness directly below.

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