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Ever thought of running for public office on the Green Party ticket? | Events

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Ever thought of running for public office on the Green Party ticket?
Ever thought of running for public office on the Green Party ticket?

The Green Party of Arkansas will be using a convention rather than a Primary Election to select the Green candidates for the Nov. 2012 General Election.


The Green Party of Arkansas 2012 Convention will be held  Sunday, May 6 from 2pm until completed (location to be announced).


Anyone interested in being a candidate must attend.  All Green Party members/supporters are encouraged to participate in the convention. Endorsements in non-partisan elections may be done at the convention.


The Ark. Secretary of State has a free handbook with the election rules and various forms you can download:



To be a Green Party nominee for the 2012 General Election, a person must have the vote of the convention members.  Candidates should be familiar and in agreement with the Green Party platform and be able to discuss it with convention voters.


Forms must be filled out at the convention and submitted to the Secretary of State (for state and district races) or to the county election official (for county and municipal races) immediately after the convention (before noon May 22).


*** Must file a signed affidavit of eligibility with the secretary of the state committee of the political party stating that the candidate is eligible to serve in the office he or she seeks.


*** Must obtain a party certificate: a written statement or receipt signed by the secretary or chair of the state committee of the political party evidencing the name and title proposed to be used by the candidate on the ballot, the position the candidate seeks, payment of the fee, if any, and filing of the party pledge, if any, required by the political party.


*** Must file a political practices pledge with the Secretary of State stating that the candidate is familiar with the requirements of Arkansas law regarding unlawful election activities and their penalties, and that he or she will, in good faith, comply with the terms of the law.


*** Financial Interest form


*** The affidavit of eligibility and party pledge, if any, shall be filed and the filing fee, if any, shall be paid to the secretary of the state committee of the political party during regular office hours during the party filing period.


*** The party certificate and political practices pledge shall be filed with the Secretary of State.


***Candidate Contribution and Expenditure Report: As soon as more than $500 has been raised or spent on the campaign, monthly contribution and expenditure reports must be submitted to the SoS.


((( For County, Municipal, and Township Offices:     The party certificate and political practices pledge shall be filed with the county clerk during regular office hours during the party filing period.)))


*** Filing Fees: Party filing fees - a fee imposed by the political party on a candidate seeking that party‚Äôs nomination. The filing fee for county, municipal, and township offices are set by the county committee and authorized by the state executive 

committee.  All other filing fees are set by the state executive committee.


District (US congress)  $500


State Rep./State Senate  $100


County/ Municipal $50