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List of shows scheduled for Donald W. Reynolds Planetarium
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List of shows scheduled for Donald W. Reynolds Planetarium

September 11th, 18th, 25th              
“Saturn – Jewel of the Heavens”

The Cassini space craft has lifted the veil on this once mysterious giant of our solar system. Data has been collected, not only on the giant itself, but also on the many moons orbiting Saturn and the countless particles encircling the planet known to all as the rings of Saturn. This data will be studied for years to come. (36 min) 

October 9th and 23rd                         
“IBEX – Search for the Edge of the Solar System”

Join the scientists who are investigating the boundary between our solar system and the rest of our galaxy. Designed for visitors with an appreciation for the challenges of space science and a desire to learn more about science research, the show follows the creation of NASA’s Interstellar Boundary explorer. Audiences will get an in-depth look at the mission and how IBEX is collecting high speed atoms to create maps of our solar system’s boundary. (27 min)

November 13th and 20th                   
“Astronomy - 3000 Years of Stargazing” 

Throughout time, the sky has piqued our curiosity. Eclipses, the regular cycle of the seasons, the rising and setting of the Moon, Sun, and planets, the motion of the stars — all have fascinated mankind since our earliest ancestors first looked up. Monuments constructed across our home planet, from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, bear witness to humanity's ancient fascination with the stars. (34 Min)

December 4th, 11th, and 18th          
“Mystery of the Christmas Star”

Journey back over 2000 years to Bethlehem as we seek to discover a scientific explanation for the star the wise men followed to find the baby Jesus. (31 min)

All Shows will start promptly at 7 p.m. No late entries.

$3 without student (HSU or OBU) ID; $1 with student ID 

To schedule a show for your school group, call:
Jim Duke 870.230.5006 or
Denise Cordova 870.230.5162

Inquiries should be directed to 230-5006

Events, News, Schools